I am a professional comic book inker and illustrator based out of Chicago, Illinois.  Most recently, I was an inker on the DC New Talent Showcase: The Milestone Initiative for DC Comics. Previous clients also include BOOM! Studios, Dynamite Entertainment, T-Pub Comics, Marvel Entertainment, Universal Studios, and Gazillion Entertainment.  
I am a passionate advocate for inking as a unique and important discipline in comic book art. In 2020, I was nominated for an Inkwell Award for my work on Firefly for BOOM! Studios.
I live in the Chicago area with my wife, son, two dogs, and my new baby daughter. I originally hail from Saint Louis, Missouri.

Thank you for visiting. If you have any questions, please contact me.

2023 Convention Schedule
-Fan Expo New Orleans - January 6th-8th (New Orleans, LA) 
-Emerald City Comic Con -  March 2nd-5th (Seattle, WA) 
-Fan Expo Toronto - March 17th-19th (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
-WonderCon - March 24th-26th (Anaheim, CA)
-C2E2 - March 31st-April 2nd  (Chicago, IL)
-Heroes Con - June 16th-18th (Charlotte, NC)
-Fan Expo Chicago - August 10th-13th (Chicago, IL)
-Dragon Con - August 31st-September 4th (Atlanta, GA)
-Baltimore Comic Con - September 8th-10th (Baltimore, MD)
-New York Comic Con - October 12th-15th (New York City, NY)

Published Works
-Dresden Files: Wild Card #3 (June 2016) 
-Eisenhorn: Xenos #0 (September 2016)
-Firefly #4-5 (February-March 2019) 
-Batman vs. Bigby: A Wolf In Gotham! #4-6 (December 2021-February 2022)
-DC Power: A Celebration #1 (February 2023)
-Milestone 30th Anniversary Special #1 (March 2023)
-DC New Talent Showcase: Milestone Initiative #1 (May 2023)
-Icon vs. Hardware #4 (1:25 Variant; October 2023)

Characters I've Worked On
Harry Dresden (The Dresden FIles)
Gregor Eisenhorn (Warhammer 40K)
Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds (Firefly)
Batman (DC Comics)
Robin (DC Comics)
Bigby Wolf (Fables)
Signal (DC Comics)
Blood Syndicate (Milestone/DC Comics)
Icon (Milestone/DC Comics)
Hardware (Milestone/DC Comics)

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